Variant Rule: Bane Enhancement

This variant rule applies to any master crafted weapon or better.

Any weapon that strikes a killing blow against an opponent displays the high quality of the craftsman. As killing blows are struck the weapon becomes more adept at killing more creatures of the same type and earns a new title. See Table 1-1.

Example: If a + 1 Greatsword has struck a killing blow on 5 Kobolds, it will earn the Title ‘+ 1 Greatsword, Kobold Killer’.

In addition to the title, the weapon will also gain an Attack and Damage bonus and a special attribute against the slain enemies.

Table 1-1
Enemies Slain____Bonus____Title____________Special vs enemy
5__________________+1________Killer___________+1 Luck bonus to AC
15_________________+2_______Bane____________Improved critical
25_________________+3_______Vanquisher_____+2 Luck bonus to AC
100________________+5_______Oblivion________+3 Luck bonus to AC

Variant Rule: Bane Enhancement

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