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Is Hayward, Wisconsin really the first place we see after we’ve destroyed another universe?

Our heroes fought valiantly to rid the world of darkness! No… wait… This was a different story. Our heroes actually spent most of their time drinking, arguing with shop keepers, setting buildings on fire and killing prostitutes. Usually simultaneously or in an order that would surprise you.

After discovering that their home world was created by some egg-shaped weirdo, our adventurers elected to destroy this false world of lies and found them selves in the year 2062 on Earth. No more lies, I assure you.

After terrorizing a Wal-Mart, the group made it’s way to a nearby Slumberland, for slumbering. Time travel makes you weak because science, that’s why. After the heroes regain their composure in this new sandbox style Dungeons & Dragons adventure, the shenanigans will continue.

Home Page

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